About Hade

Early in 2012, Ligia Luckhurst, author, asked a friend to help her get her book Agram, A Quest for Substance published as an e-book. For that she needed an ISBN, which, she was told, could only be bought from Nielsen, in batches of ten. Left with nine ISBN numbers to use, Ligia decided to start a publishing company, much like the man who bought a suit to match the button he found on the pavement.


Hade Publishing Limited was thus formed by Ligia and her associate Françoise Guillot with the objective of publishing a range of high quality texts regardless of genre and length: fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose, novels, short stories, children's fiction, academic texts, cookbooks, graphic novels -- as long as they were well written, professionally presented and met the requirements of Hade's Manifesto.


We also decided we would publish necessary texts, such as The Secret of the Plumed Serpent by Armando Torres, regardless of their literary merit, because they dealt with important topics which few authors dared tackle or knew enough about.


Françoise Guillot


Françoise was born in Paris in 1943, and studied at the Sorbonne through the student revolution of May 1968. She moved to London in the Seventies where she worked until recently within the area of intellectual property.

Ligia Luckhurst


Born 1952 in Zagreb, Croatia, where she completed her degrees in English Language and Literature and in Fine Arts. Ligia moved to the UK in 1983. She works in education.