Ligia Luckhurst


Ligia Luckhurst's work reflects the concepts and the principles taught by Carlos Castaneda, but is not limited to Nagualism or other esoteric teachings. She has written a play, several screenplays, a libretto for a musical and another one for a children's opera, two children's books and a memoir of growing up in former Yugoslavia. She is currently writing An Edifice of Intent: the Metaphysics of Star Wars. She lives in Hampton, UK.


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Armando Torres


Not much is known about Armando. As a student of journalism in Mexico City he used to attend public talks given by Carlos Castaneda, anthropologist and author of twelve best-selling books about his apprenticeship with don Juan Matus, a sorcerer-seer he met during his field study of the use of psychotropic plants among the Sonoran Yaquis.

Although Castaneda’s training required him to shun close relationships with the uninitiated, Torres became his friend and confidant. He described his experiences in his first book, “Encounters with the Nagual: Conversations with Carlos Castaneda”.


Armando Torres used to live and practise with a group of healers-seers at an unknown location in rural Mexico, but has now allegedly left the everyday world together with his cohorts.


Vesna Ćuro-Tomić


Published for the first time in English, Vesna is one of the most interesting modern Croatian writers and possibly the most modern one among them. Her urbane, ironic gaze, self-involved, self-regarding, self-pitying and self-parodying all at once, still somehow  manages to register the quotidien in all its pathetic ghastliness without losing sight of its underpinning redemptive magic. Her virtuoso mastery of narrative form is as demanding as it is rewarding, propelling the reader towards an unexpected, breathtaking end.


Born 1954 in Sarajevo, Vesna graduated English Studies and Comparative Literature from Zagreb University. She is currently Programme Editor for Feature and Television Films at HRT (Croatian Radio and Television).