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This book is available on Amazon as print-on-demand paperback and on Amazon Kindle as Kindle e-book.

"I couldn't put it down."

Gabriella  McAdam ,  teacher


"...This book really is original and different. ...The author is very candid about herself... but there is no self-pity here, only humour both black and white, and a whole metaphysical world view invented and explained along the way, and somehow very convincing indeed. There are echoes of Carlos Castaneda here, a sense of a very interesting and creative mind mulling over the deep questions which haunt some of us. ... Unless you've tasted it, you can't imagine it. It's not really like anything else. Give it a try.

Lyn Webster-Wilde, author and lecturer

Agram, A Quest for Substance

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The Secret of the Plumed Serpent

This book will soon be available again on Amazon as print-on-demand paperback and on Amazon Kindle as Kindle e-book.

she-wolf_cover_for-website Currently unavailable

The Naked She-Wolf

This book is available on Amazon as print-on-demand paperback and on Amazon Kindle as Kindle e-book.

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The second book by Carlos Castanedas friend and disciple Armando Torres, describing Armando's apprenticeship with a group of sorceres-healers in rural Mexico.  Essential reading for anyone interested in Castaneda and Nagualism.

"I enjoyed the book. It is a rare document. I will definitely read it again. It was great to get a perspective from Armando's apprenticeship with the healers. He has channelled their teachings through the concepts and practices of Carlos Castaneda. ... I think it is an important book for all who would examine themselves to live a fuller and healthier life."

"Gammadian Freeman"


"...a fantastic treat for Castaneda fans. And there are some great insights in here for people interested in healthy eating, alternative medicine and spiritual healing, and astrology."



"...challenges the reader to consider new interpretations that account for the Mexican round-topped pyramids and other mysteries."

"Amazon Customer"


"I was pleased to read more about Toltec healers and to learn about another warrior configuration. Way to go, Armando!"


This postmodern novel by Vesna Ćuro-Tomić, one of Croatia's most interesting authors, opens up the world of the contemporary urban life in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, to the English reader. Still scarred by the recent war for independence and the rookie member of the EU, Croatia is struggling to define its identity. Ana, too, needs to discover who she really is: a daughter, a writer, a friend, a woman?